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I just had the front axle replaced. Right after it was replaced I switched the vehicle from 2WD to auto and a rumbling noise came from the front of the vehicle when pushing on the gas and slowing down. Considering it ...
belt tensioner and a/c belt have been replaced, a/c tensioner has been replace twice first time it broke off second time it just rattles at 1500-2000 rpms but only when the a/c is on
my cruise control does not work. how can i test it to find the problem?
the a/c works for about an hour then it will stop blowing air through the vents in the front of the vehicle, even though you can hear the fan blowing in the dash. The a/c in the rear works fine.
What is the location of this sensor LF/Driver SIS?
i can not remove my spare tire,i have followed the operator manual to remove the spare i can not get the secondary system to release
This receiver has died and needs to be replaced. Is there a possibilty of getting these used somewhere?