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Should I also replace knock sensors?
Ever since the dealer performed 100k scheduled mait. at about 130k, Ive been having engine noise that I didn't have before. I take good care of my car and other than this noise, it sounds like the engine is still run...
On about three occasions my suburban went into auto 4 wheel drive on its own; however, I was able to go back to 2 wheel drive without a problem. Then one time it went into 4 wheel drive on its own, I could not get it ...
where do I begin with diagnosing this misfire? as it is random, it won't be the coils is there somewhere else to start?
the traction control system seems to be not working either? the dealer put all new brake pads, rotors and calibers and tires on?
Got a used 05 burban recently noticed occasional hard brake pedal and a little whine in the power steering pump... topped off PS fluid and it got better. Recently took a steep windy dirt road down out of the mountain...
I cant pinpoint it I think its the front diff.gets louder when put in 4wd and the noise some time is just not there like its gone. I've raised it up and tried the stethoscope thing, change both front berrings sometime...
All the electrical does not work on the rear door. All the lights work but wipers and defroster do not. The problem is constant, has not been working for awhile. Need to get the problem resolved for this winter.
Once I slow down, it's starts working again. The other day, didn't go back to zero, stayed at 10, until I shut the engine off. Also showed 90, when I was going about 30
Just starting showing up on the screen on my dashboard when I turn on engine.