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Occurs only when engine warm/hot ,at idle in drive launching from a stop,this occurs consistently 0-4%tps p0300 was stored history, no other codes,no reduced eng.power.( this feels to me like a carburated engine with ...
Just bought 2004 Suburban 1500, 143,000, well maintained, but won't start on first try. Many times it will start on the second or third try. We just replaced fuel filter, still doing same thing. Occasionally will st...
It revs so high changing from 2nd gear to the 3rd and 4th. and the technician said i should get a new gearbox about $2800. Please is there any other way i can correct this??? its urgent :'( .
Transmission replaced 3 wks ago now front differential needs work. Can damage be due to transmission replacement? Should front differential been repaired looked at when transmission was replaced?
It will stop blowing hot air only if you turn the ignition off and on. This could be for 10 seconds at a traffic light, then the AC Blows cold again. Very intermittent. Can blow cold for 3 miniutes or an hour; ne...
I have checked all fuse. When I pull the ipc/dic fuse and put it back in, the logic light on the dash lights all the way across. After a couple of hours the light goes out. Any suggestions?
Little to no brake work has been performed on this vehicle
check to see if there was anything blocking middle seat from sliding back but nothing so what could be the reasoning seat wont slide?
tranny fluid seems fine and color ok. gears slipping when accelarting along with whining. at 40mph rpms go up to 4-5 will bring to have filter and fluid checked but preparing for the worst... any suggestions
error for stability control comes up. Mechanic has bled lines several times but same thing happens once you press brake pedal. Any ideas for fixing problem?
THE temp. contrales don't work properaly