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only happends on overpasses or slow speeds and only when pulling trailer
I had to replace the entire light case due to water. Then I changed all the bulbs and it was fine for 2 days then one burnt out due to water again. So I changed the whole socket and now both don't work. I checked the ...
My switch was not working on 1, 2 and 5 but now 3 and 4 aren't working either and I know it is the switch or the resistor but not sure how to check which one it is.
My transmission is getting hot when it tries to shift gears over 30 mph.
The dashboard lets me know that the transmission is hot but there is no diagnostic code for this problem. Also, it has difficulty changing into a higher gear going past 30 mph. Does this mean that Ihave to get a new t...
Acts like it's starving for fuel and shifts at a higher rpm. High mileage. Sometimes will get better by disconnecting the battery for a minute.
Vehicle won't start, intermittant,from time to time. checked all relays under the hood and fuses in the fuse box. But all are ok. Sometime after playing with it it'll start. All the lights, radio etc come on, but won'...
my engine was leaking coolant....the dealership said that I either needed a new head gasket or a new head. After tearing it apart, they said I need a new head. How much should I expect to pay?
From what I have read it sounds like it may be a O2 sensor in front of the cataletic converter on the drivers side. Thoughts?
1.I have to manually lock/unlock back doors and rear access.Fuses look good. 2. Rear view mirror (inside) no longer shows its digital readouts: temperature or compass. Where's the problem, and how to tackle it. Thanks.
the light is on the dash board... Service ride control
car has all power and fuel pump runs but no start? replaced crankshaft position sensor because of stalling problem...ignition switch is new...
surburban wont stay on starts but shakes and shut of what could it be code reader says mass air flow low input