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I just used the Suburban to pull a friend out of a mud they had managed to get stuck using 4wd low and now I am unable to switch out of it! I've tried 4wd high, 2wd & auto and all I get is blinking. It's definitely in...
bran new battary fully charge, new starter replace, getting battary current to the starter(12 volts)the small wire no current from the key
Alternator, battery, and belt are good? It doesn't move at all.
after fuel filter changed and fuel pump, still stalling after i release air from line will restart,now steering wont lock. could this be ignition or wiring sending signal to turn off fuelpump?
Door windows and mirror don't work. Need lock door with key.
You have to manually move it with the sunroof as you are closing it, or the motor will not be able to push the window closed (forward) How do I get the back of the cover to back into its correct spot?
What are this things i need them for my truck only thing is every where i call seems to not know what im talking about and neither do i would it be better to get these parts or just replace the whole axle? Somebody an...
I've been calling all over trying to find a front/Rear differential and cant find it no ones seem to know what im talking about or my mechanic said a fun pumpkin what ever that is. Any one out there that can help me t...
The only things that work around the cigarette and aux ports and the check engine light and I here the fuel pump come on
do you know what the average cost should be to change the computer in this car. i am a licenced plumber and realy handy when it comes to cars is this a job that i could handle