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How do I replace the Electronic ABS Control Module on my 2001 Suburban LT 4 wheel drive?
My codes came out to be p0300 radom misfires & the other was p0327 knock sensor ineed t know what coul be wring with my truck thats misfiring what can we look for i just did a complete tone up on the truck sholud i ch...
Could it be fuel filter? Will not start after having issue
but all othe gares work great all the time
Don't know why, but one days the power seat on driver sides operated backwards. As for window it's rear driver side. The cable had gotten kinked so replaced all that and put back together. Now it works backwards also.
if going slow keeping it held a 2 gran it won't shut off but going at normal speed it will
I start burban up in the morning and its at norm pressure.After driving around town and it warms up it start to fluctuate and drops low and i have to pull over and stop. Tells me low oil pressure. It starts right up a...
Auto store keeps selling me a race for p/n80211 (even Chevy house) and according to the vin its the right on but not true this part will not go evenly with hole even with a race knocker how would I got about making pr...
when driving it, started to slow down I pulled over and turned the engine off then restarted it then it drove fine for a couple mins then started to do the samething
I can be driving around and both the ABS (yellow) and Brake (red) just come on in my Suburban. When I start the car the next time they have turned off. This occurs maybe twice a month, and in summer and winter.
no warning, just did not work any more replaced module on transmission, no help.