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I have added engine restore additive ( no success ). I used 10W 30 and 5W 30 regular or full synthetic oil with no success. Engine has 150,000 miles runs great ( not noisy or knocking wants engine warm up), has good a...
when i push on the gas or the idle goes to the number 2, the tube that goes to the radiator feels like it has no presure in it
50 percent of the time valves will rattle oil pressure lite go on an off with low r p m
Every few days now, when driving and stepping on the brakes, the ABS light comes on, then the transmission seems to be affected to the point of not being able to accelerate normally. For about a year now, the ABS and...
when tranny hot wont move when cold will move, just bought it. the guy said was slipping, they changed transmission filter and serviced and it worked fine. I bought it yesterday drove it home, parked got up this morni...
It will not go off prior to maintenance it can on.. will the fuses make it stay on if mechanic had switched thw ones under the hood (the two largest ones).
Could it be a cellinoid? Or do I need to replace the whole tran? Is it possible to fix without replacing? Could it be only a seal?
They both have a 5.3 engine the only difference is the pressure switch in back of the 2000 suburban. The 2010 compressor looks like it and fits but the plug in back for the 2010 sub. pressure switch is not on the cmop...
it has a rough idle at low speeds and dies when turning into a parking space or into my driveway and just sitting at a red light
does shocks need replacing after 11 years