Which alternator do you recommend? I am in north Idaho.

I put it into reverse and it moved, clunked and then nothing. It goes in drive but shifts rough.

Truck is stalling as if it's out of gas bt has gas I have changed fuel pump and all filters, what could it be?, HELP

Need to press brake pedal to the floor sometimes in order to get truck out of park

Already put new multifunction switch in and still have same problem.

This vehicle will start and run flawlessly for the most part. It has begun to start and run for a split second then shut off. After 15 - 20 tries it will start and run like there was never an issue. It makes no difference if the engine is hot or cold. Previous experience tells me that it could be a coil. Codes were read and two showed up. 1) misfire #6, 2)emissions below average. This has happened for the last three weeks; once a week.

the service 4wd comes on but it still works cut the truck on an off service 4wd is gone

when I restart the truck the 4wd doesn't show up

Miles my car didn't want to pull forward and started smoking what's wrong

I've just bought a new one. I need to replace it. I'm just not sure where it is.

I dont get any lights on the buttons or any sound when trying to engage the 4wd. All fuses are good. What or where can I start looking from there?

Supposed to control the engine somehow

Accelerated from stop light, tranny banged and had no forward gears. Was only 2 blocks from my house and was able to drive truck home in reverse. Why do I have no forward gears but reverse works fine but reverse lights went out????? What's goin on?