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It doesn't register anything, I can have a full tank even and sometimes it will go from empty to full. I'm wondering what I need to replace so I know how much gas is in there so I don't run out?
cruz was actin like it had a.short-use lft trn sig cruz wld go away-replaced it but still no cruz-it just died-no eLearning
Okay, say the speed limit is 45 mph. When I reach the speed and ease up on the gas pedal the dashboard vibrates. Same as when I press it lightly to accelerate
I have the 4 button control four shifting between the various modes. The red neutral light and the 2HI and 4 LO lights are on.
I was told to replace transfer case because of noise when backing up in four wheel drive so I did but there's is still the same grinding noise. Now I have a noise in the front like a poping noise I've had the ball joi...
Service 4wd light is on, selector won't go into 2wd, stuck in 4whi. Replaced selector, motor, actuator, now I need to locate transfer case control module.
We were driving down highway and started to feel the back end of the truck start to shake. Then it started to feel like we had a flat tire. We were less than a 1/4 mile away from the gas station when the tire JUST SHO...
I have some problems with my '98 Suburban 1500 but the motor & trans are strong. What make/model/year is compatible to drop them into?
This problem happens especially when going up slight incline.
went by book, found out someone had timing another way, before. tried all i know , really need help. thank you. if you have answer you can call 813 417 5863 Emanuel
Had my alternator tested and it was fine. Parts guy sold me a voltage regulator. The battery is 3 months old so that is good. Car won't hold a charge in the battery.
why does the 20a fuse keeps blowing when i turn on lights any ideas?
car won't start, I have tried everything I can thing of except timing it, I need directions to help me out.