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after manifold installed, had to set timing,had to tape over pipe that goes from intake valve cover to air intake. drove to parts house removed tape took new part home, but as soon as I drove away it started stalling ...
Go to start and keeps turning over and want stop battery won't hold charge help
what can cause low voltage to the fuel injectors
we checked with diodes and it has low voltage. What could be causing the problem.
In between starts the tachometer, speedometer, and wont shift out of 3 automatically, can shift between 2 and 3 manually, also the light that shows what gear your in is off. This happened at once and no sign of proble...
the shifter sometimes will lock in park and cannot be moved when the engine is running and brake is applied
No check engine light ever was on. Suburban was cutting out going up hills, idled rough. Scanned & had 122 code. Cleared code, Replaced TPS, drove suburban after & ran good, but plugged scanner in again & got the sa...
t want to shift outta 2nd 2 days ago it drove fine. replaced radiator yesterday because it had a crack please help me figure out what this is before I buy the wrong thing.
I have trouble starting my vehicle in the morning but it's not the battery could it be the sensor?
one auto store told me atomatic transmission fluid the other told me to use 80 weight gear oil who is right
I recently did an oil change to my truck and they put in 10W30 in rather then the Castrol HighMileage I asked for. The TRUCK has 330K miles but the guy I bought it from in Oct 2010 said he had a Jasper motor put in it...
ac motor sounds strong when on but doesnt blow hard out of vents