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The problem doesn't seem to translate to the weels. And my a b s light is on. But brakes seem to work fine.
engine will turn over but wont start got fire and smell fuel but no start
had the brake light switch fixed or replaced, now am having problems pulling the shifter from the park position
Less than a month ago we had the reverse clutch repaired on the transmission because it would not go in reverse. Been driving a month with no further issues until today. Just had motor replaced 3 months ago along with...
ruff. Service engine soon light flashing. Ran computer scan, results show code #PO302 and PO157. Replaced plugs and wires. Little better but still ruff and same codes coming up.160,000 miles. Help!!
engine? I have one port open and one vacuum line hanging and can't find where they go. The car just started to run ruff with the "service engine soon " light flashing. Thank you-
Chevy suburban. Plugs, wires, air & gas filters and what else? Is there a distributer cap and rotor ? Car has been running perfect for past 6 years. Haven't changed anything. Also where is gas filter? Inline on frame...
I'm guessing that there are coolant lines going back to for the rear heating, how do I get to them? Thank you-Alan
My outlet has a quick release that was crossthreaded.I took it out and tried to replace with a new 1 but threads were to far out.Now I have to rethread hole.Can it be done still on the motor or does it need to come off?
Replaced distributor, updated injectors, replaced o2 censors, runs much better but still idles at around 500 rpm and runs real rough. Also has a slight backfire when idling.
replaced purge valve,turbo sensor,plugs,wires,fuel pump,fuel filter,and distributor. engine shifts out fine but if you start to slow down, it jerks. it doesn't do it everytime.