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My friends suburban has intermittent complete power loss,when we get the power back on by playing with the wires by the battery, it then has an intermittent no start (will not even turn over). They have been having p...
Our suburban is suffering a electrical issue. over the past three days it drives fine, and amp meter is reading good, then when we turn it off and go to re-start it, it wont turn over. I jump it and it starts right up...
where is the rear expansion valve located in my chev suburban
Torque converter needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Bearing making a loud noise in higher gears. Problem is about two weeks old.
Intermittent failure to shift transmission selection lever from "park" position with engine running, even with foot on brake and wiggling steering wheel.
where is the low side to put freon in
My blower motor works only on high or off. Checked fuses on side of dash and under hood (1 location). Changed switch, resistor, motor. No change. Any suggestions?
I have a rebuilt 5.7 l installed in my suburban, the mech said that the crankshaft position sensor need to be reset. is there an easy way to do this besides a dealer, the code is P1345
i just recharge my ac unit it took 4 cans of freon and its at 80 % full but the rear ac is blowing but not cold i was wondering what this could be the front is ice cold but the rear is regular?any answers that might h...
My Suburban I had just replaced the 02 sensers and both head gaskets had tested and cleared light hasn't came back on, problem is when I reach 40MPH it starts to sputter then returns to smooth, does this going up hill...
Trying to locate the fan motor resistor for my 1997 Chev Suburban. I took the glove box out.
how can u tell when your abs module is going bad??
need diy instructions for replacing cv shaft passenger side
My Suburban has no heat or defrost. The car is not running hot (around 185-195 degrees). I've replaced the thermostat. What are the other causes?
Fuse Block in Engine compartment and Fuse Block on Driver end of dash all fuses check OK. Hazard lights will not flash nor will the Hazard button flash. No break lights