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When I take off the truck slips the drive gear. I have to rev it up to stick in gear but it sticks in 3 gear
I hear a thumping noise and the truck slips when it turns a corner. Now the trans slips (misses) after takeoff. I have to rev the engine to engage it into gear but slips while in regular drive.
We have done everything we can think of but the brakes are still struggling and feel like they are still on while I'm driving.
I already replaced the calipers and the brake pads but when driving the truck still feels like its struggling
Trying to remove fuel from tank.so I can drop tank safely.
Turn over. The starter has been replaced. It doesn't do it all the time. I drive it everyday. Usually when it does this, it will start right up about a half hour later. What can I do to fix this?
Problem: all at once soft pedal, replaced booster but while installing I knocked off the "do not remove or void warranty" hose connection at the face. Brakes work but still soft pedal? Did a part fall off inside the...
i cannot find the tag nor read the inside of the door tag to find the numbers needed to get the rearend gear ratio? any other ideas?
We replaced our radiator and after having fixed that problem, we were driving and had cruise control set and I felt a pop and the Rpms went from 2000 up to 3500, and then the engine lost power, we pulled over and had ...
the car has drivers airbag steering wheel needs to be pulled