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I have put new shocks on 1994 chevy suburban 4wd and the rear still looks lower then front why.
After having a little fun the b night before and getting stuck, mind you, I have a leaky axle seal and weak rear end apparently. I Hurd some sort of clunk on the way home and instantly thought of my rear end, next mor...
wife was dring last night when car suddenly started making a clunking and jerking from the drive train
Could this shaking be something as simple as needing a rotate and balance or could it be ujoints or driveshaft going out. Im starting with the rotate and balance as that isbthe cheapest. Truck has 350k. If anyone has ...
I just replaced the thermostat what could the problem be
I had a loud clinging sound coming from my rear thinking it was my rear universal joint after investigating a lil more i found out it was the housing unit behind my drive shaft whats the name of that part and can it b...
igotta get up to 2500 rpms before it will shift into the gear it stays in after that. it wont shift anymore after that. plz help!!
94 Chevy Suburban 350 5.7 4 wheel drive.. My husband put in a CD player in the truck in February. Under the ash tray there is a box with plugs into it. He re plugged everything back into the box and put the dash bac...
I have one leaking on the drivers side rear
this web sight is usless
I've replace my thremostat and my heater is still blowing out cold air. What could be the prolem?
Borrowing my Dads suburban and can't find how to move the seat forward. Controls, move it up and down and tilt but nothing to move forward?
what causes no level to be high