I've pulled,, pushed and pried the obvious connection between the two pieces. Nothing works. What do I do to get it apart?

it was leaking for 2 days the gushed the water and now it is overheating

at times it runs fine then all of a sudden it begins to act as if it is starving for gas/ rough idle then turns off .then it takes time for it to start backup again or until it cools off.

I have put new shocks on 1994 chevy suburban 4wd and the rear still looks lower then front why.

Then front.

Runs a little hot although gauge does not register.seems that fluid is needed although oil transmission and coolant levels r fine

After having a little fun the b night before and getting stuck, mind you, I have a leaky axle seal and weak rear end apparently. I Hurd some sort of clunk on the way home and instantly thought of my rear end, next morning went to leave and only made it a half block. My truck kinda stopped itself and it was done, wouldn't move. 4x4 won't even work. The drive line spins but that's all I know.

wife was dring last night when car suddenly started making a clunking and jerking from the drive train

Could this shaking be something as simple as needing a rotate and balance or could it be ujoints or driveshaft going out. Im starting with the rotate and balance as that isbthe cheapest. Truck has 350k. If anyone has advice I would love to hear it. Thanks

I just replaced the thermostat what could the problem be

I had a loud clinging sound coming from my rear thinking it was my rear universal joint after investigating a lil more i found out it was the housing unit behind my drive shaft whats the name of that part and can it be replaced

When driving at 65mph or above, speedo needle will jump around ( jumps from 65 mph to 40 mph ) then returns to normal. This action takes place in a matter of 1 to 2 seconds. The SES light will flicker when this happens but no codes will be stored.
This will happen about once or twice every minute to minute and a half.
My main concern's are will it mess up the ECU? and how do I fix it?

igotta get up to 2500 rpms before it will shift into the gear it stays in after that. it wont shift anymore after that. plz help!!

94 Chevy Suburban 350 5.7 4 wheel drive..
My husband put in a CD player in the truck in February. Under the ash tray there is a box with plugs into it. He re plugged everything back into the box and put the dash back together. He found a plug hanging that didnt get put back. Since them my truck is getting 9 MPG. A transmission guy today Diagnosed it but my husband keeps telling me that this plug hanging could not be the cause of the miscommunication between the PMC and 2-3rd Solenoid. All the problems I am having with 1st, 2nd and 4th gears not shifting and only being able to drive in 3rd started right after the CD player was put into the truck. Can a plug under the dash not being plugged in cause communication problems between the PCM and 2-3rd Solenoid in the transmission?
Thank you so much for your help with this..