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What is the line that connects the master to the slave cylinder called and could that be my problem because the master cylinder will take fluid but it wont bleed through.
make alot of noise when driving around 70mph
wher is the flap actuator located ? can it be repaired or need to b replaced i don't know what it looks like
why does my 350 engine stall under heavy braking and it only does it when the engine is warm and im low on fuel
starts fine and than idols real hi. than when hit the gas pedal it die's and wont start until
I need to know how to take the heator core out i cant find the screws that hold the air duck under the dash board so i can get to the heater core
replaced fuel pump was blowing the fuse(ecm-b)reassembled problem unsolved checked fuel pump with direct power runs fine replaced relay and checked voltage of relay connector no voltage except.3voltsfrom orange wire s...
repacking my front 4x4 manual hubs, I have two castle nuts and one locking washer... castle, washer, castle or castle, castle, washer?
the drive line quit after putting it in 4 wheel drive so we replaced the drive line but is still leaking badly. We need to know where to put the seal.
if we replace the drive line where does the seal go?
Have an error code of 15 and 44 on this vehicle do i have to replace these sensors
rear brakes