Cant start car now occasionally as the key wont turn. Also when exiting, even though the car is in park. I have to wait till the thing clicks into place to remove it.

This happened 3 weeks ago at 71,000 miles on the car. It had the original batterie from AC Delco, it never showed the batterie light on my dashboard when I was heading out to work but when I was heading back home it was completely dead. No lights were left on I always make sure of that and I work at 4AM I would have seen lights one before leaving my car. When I went to purchase my batterie the car was left without its original batterie for about 2hrs tops. I installed the new one, crank it up and configured my stereo settings and head back home and realized my odometer and trip odometer was just blank ---. I contacted Chevy but they can't help, they can diagnose the problem for $115.00 plus if it's a software update which is ridiculous it be $50.00. Why would I pay so much for something simple I did?

I never thought swapping batteries can remove my odometer. Hope you guys can help me out.


The outlet duct hose and purge valve have been replaced, the ticking is coming from a piece right above the back of my engine, Im thinking its the purge solenoid, please help!