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I was repairing the trailer light plug in the rear bumper I think it shorted. Because the chiming in the cab started going off then my battery went dead, because I had the lights on working on the trailer lights, ....
repair last 1yr and warranty is 1 yr, always seems to last just after warranty is up. for the last three yrs I have been taking to chevy dealer to fix. I don't want to go back to them....
only does this on cold mornings I bought a code reader says shift solenoid ok I replaced them they are all on one board and still I have this problem
replaced starter,ign switch add ground to starter,tryed jumping but no crank
checked the fuses, tried unplugging the battery,
Is it ECM related, Or do I just replace it? What do I do to replace it? Thanks, Ken.
the dealer i took it to said this one does not..
I hear of other 2500 HD Duramax Diesel truck owners of getting good mileage while I only get 13MPG or less in my 2007 HD Duramax Diesel, what is the problem why is my truck not given me a good Mileage? thanks I apress...
Where is the oil pressure sending unit located?
We get a bouncing effect when hauling our 33 foot fifth wheel trailer; sometimes without hauling the trailer when crossing bridges
How are the headlights assembly removed and re-installed?