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The paint is coming off the roof and bed in sheet when I wash the truck is this something Chevy should cover? A paint guy said that is from a poor sealer/primer so he has to strip all the paint off and start over.
And ice cold ac out of the drivers side .what should I check or look for
Had a worn out box and leaky hydraboost so I replaced both. Flushed system with New Amsoil p/s fluid and now I have little to no power steering. At idle there is none. Changed the pump thinking I might of damaged it ...
worked off and on for awhile, now doesn't work at all
Poof! Heater core needs to be replaced and am told this is waaaay to soon for it to be needed, ordinarily. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
I can't tell if the thing is working or not, and if the thing is activated or not... I've heard that there is a yellow wire that comes from the button (inside the shift lever tube)that may be broken due to the lowerin...
On my '96 7.4 a socket wrench would move the idler. Also how do I determine if a heavy duty alternator is used because that determines the length of the belt.
My 2006 2500HD 6.0 has 225,000 miles on it. Occasionally over the last 2 months, my truck wouldn't start and would need jump started. Now its getting to be almost daily. New battery, alternator tested good, starter go...
What causes the engine to go into reduced power mode when AC is running? Takes about 5 mins to shut down in town. Shuts down in about 15 mins running 65 on highway. Scanning computer shows no codes.
unwanted operation of Hazard flashers
My truck has the door actuator problem you described. What is the fix or is there any way to over ride them. Is GM helping with this?