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we used this truck to jump another truck after jumping the next truck in line the 2004 chevy would not crank and the security lite was on
I just bought this truck last week. They said they didnt know if the tow haul was working,but thought the light was just blown. I haul horses in the mountains, so I need to know. I'm scared to mess with it a lot since...
I have the 8.1L in my chevy and i was wondering if it is even possible for me to remove the gas motor in my truck and replace it with a diesel motor without replacing my Allison transmission too.
And still no lights!!! Any suggestions would greatly b appreciated
After replacing both sensors and the wire harness I had my code cleared out. The check engine light came back on and shows knock sensor error again. Any ideas on want to do now?
ususally misses when you slow and accelerate on a hill or at aturn. Hot or cold engine doesn't mater. Changed fuel filter and fuel pump already. no change,also put a ground fro m alternater to frame and neg. post of...
This started about a year ago, and now it runs very noisy. Mechanic advised that it could be in the Tracy..?
The loss of power warning on, revs are high I drove with brakes did not have to use gas pedal all the way to Auto Shop. Shop not sure what is wrong codes indicate maybe with gas mixture? Any thoughts for me.
2004 Chevy 2500 HD Duramax glow plug conductor bar gets red hot on the drivers side. need advice if anyone has seen this problem and if it's just the conductor bar or the glow plug control box. I'm afraid of burning u...
had a little trouble going to second gear, and reverse. notGas gauge does read right.
sometimes it does nothing when trying to start. my programmer says not in run position when this happens. is it possibly the ignition switch and how hard is it to change out? i sprayed some dry lube in the keyhole and...