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No leaks located. Low Coolant level warning every 2-3 days. No overheating yet. no loss of power yet.
just replaced the stock muffler with a flow master, no idea if its related,but thats the only change/maintenance made in many months
when giving full acts like bad gas or filter but has no filter n changed gas
Brake lights not working.All other lights are working.Brake light on cab works but not in rear.so far checked bulbs and fuses.can brake switch be bad even though light on top of cab is working.
If break switch is working break lite on cab in back can switch be bad for working tail break lights
Only happen now and then. Everything comes on when you turn the key but when you click the key over to start the engine nothing happens. There doesn't seem to be any certain time or day or reason for the problem.
I just replaced the thermostats and it still does it at 2000 or more RPM. 2000 RPMs and lover it will run normal, 185deg.
when it happens i lose engin power and have to pull over and turn the engine off for about a minute the restart the engine
1 tap on the gas peddle stops it. Sounds like it could be the fan? Blower.
I have a 2004 Chevy 2500hd 8.1 with the Allison transmission and it threw a rod out the oil pan. I found a 2002 8.1 engine and i was wondering if anybody knows if that engine would work in mine, the only things that i...
Battery discharges overnight. Can the gauge inside car be disconnected without disconnecting anything else. I do not want to purchase a new cluster. Help