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This only happens when I'm towing my horse trailer (2 horse alum w/dressing area and bumper pull). I live in FL and the inclines are not that steep. I do have a towing package. One occasion I could push the gas paddl...
Shift lever in Park, but truck goes in reverse in park. Truck stuck in 4LOW. Pushed in 4HI while shifting the lever to neutral, then tried this method of shifting R N D N R while pressing 4HI and still stuck in revers...
engine services light flicker on and off message light says check engine level stay on?
Put..injectors...stop..stared back after 300 hundred miles..what going on.
Motor not wet just wet where engine and trans come together. I got it started after towing it home and now it is making noise kinda sounds like a pump popping not loud just noise that is never been there before?
have checked fuses and relays all good. when i plug into the computer to see what errors i was getting all the gauges worked as normal as soon as i unplugged the tester the gauges stop working what could be causing my...
I keep getting code p0181 which says its a problem with the fuel temp sensor, any help would be appreciated.
Can't throttle body be cleaned or ele. sensor replaced instead?
checked battery voltage engine of (13 VDC) checked while engine running (15 VDC) Battery load tested at local parts store (OK) the only major work done recently was replacment of transmission. Prior to Alternator ...
I tried the slide hammer and all that to NO avail. I have removed and split the diff and still am no closer. Any suggestions?
new tires helped some /allignment checked good /once every few months makes loud rumble from rear that lasts a few minutes then disappears . vibration is present even at lower speeds / can feel it even thru steering w...
ihave heat but no fan. when you turn the nob you can hear something clicking at the blower but nothing happens. all fuses look good that i can find.
why does the d button and abs and battery light come on at the same time also the truck jumps out of gear
what is the problem when the abs light and battery light comes on and the truck jumpes out of gear
Service engine light came on and stay on. Had diagnostic ran. Diagnostic code PO540. Based on this bought part 72-4608 - temp sensor. Cannot figure out where it goes or how to install it