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I programmed a key fob and now sometimes my truck won't start but other times I could go a day or two and its fine,what is the fix?
It smells like it is running rich. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator. I've changed plugs and wires. not sure which way to go from here.
I've changed the actuator and checked fuses but still does not engage. Still no light on dash.
I have replaced the coils, Intake and valve cover gaskets, fuel regulator,fuel injectors plug and wires and it still has no power what else could it be
I keep getting code p0181 which says its a problem with the fuel temp sensor, any help would be appreciated.
I am wanting to replace the factory radio with an after market cd player
I recently bought a used truck from a friend, and it had been sitting for a couple years. I replaced the battery and put new gas in it, but can only get it to run if I put fuel through the (I guess it's the throttlebo...
Can't throttle body be cleaned or ele. sensor replaced instead?
checked battery voltage engine of (13 VDC) checked while engine running (15 VDC) Battery load tested at local parts store (OK) the only major work done recently was replacment of transmission. Prior to Alternator ...
I see no puddles or driping under the pick-up or vehicle, my tranny pops out of gear
the entire brake line has rust and it has rusted through in one spot. where can i go to get the recall and get this fixed?
I tried the slide hammer and all that to NO avail. I have removed and split the diff and still am no closer. Any suggestions?
already had brake failure and big repair bill for rotted brake lines , etc , and corroded rotors !
new tires helped some /allignment checked good /once every few months makes loud rumble from rear that lasts a few minutes then disappears . vibration is present even at lower speeds / can feel it even thru steering w...