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It has an issue where sometimes when you get in the security flashes like its being stole and won't start do I have to pull the keys out and open and shut the door to start again
We went to turn with signal & aping breaks all went out
The Signal lights 7 Break lights go out when the break is applied?
This has happened for the last ten years i just go by miles most the time but when you are driving it tells you the correct amount now and then. sometimes when the gage reads empty i can wiggle truck side to side and ...
I have the AC turned off yet one of these is on if I use panel the inside mode is lit up if I switch to defrost it automatically goes to outside mode and all I am getting in my truck is barely warm air. Defrost is not...
I noticed that my truck is starting to shake at about 55 mph, I havent pushed it so i dont know if it levels out. I had my tires balanced and thats not it, took it into a mechanic and he thinks it's the rear suspensio...
most of my tools where just stolen so i'm down to the basic in tools,can I do any of the work myself?
what is the repair for this? what causes this issue?
The truck runs great Have stop to see if any smoke or smell but nothing
sometimes 4wd light comes on sometimes not if light comes on it is in 4wd, if not it does not work
My silverado takes about three tries to start what can cause this and where is the oil sending unit? THANKS A LOT.
tried to shift into 4WD low and the dash indicator lights went out. The service 4WD light came on and the truck is stuck in neutral
I noticed one day when I got ready to replace my bottom bumper lights, that only the middle light was working on both sides.the middle lights on both sides stay on for running lights and when I turn the blinker on the...