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The engine pings when it heats up- more under a load. The check engine light came on and gave a knock sensor code P0332 and P0463 fuel level sensor? I don't know what these have in common. Will changing the knock s...
How to install a water pump?
Having difficulty getting the plastic hubcaps to stay on the hubs. I don't know if the threading on the inside is bad or if they were just built poorly, but they constantly seem to come loose and some of them will no...
I have a random misfire code. But if you watch it on a scan tool its only the driver side usually cylinder 1 and 3. I have replaced all 8 plugs and wires. I have replaced all 8 injectors, and i have replace the coi...
I have checked all the fuses, relay and bulbs they are all new or good and my turn signals will not work. This happend after a bought a boat and pluged the lights in.
fuel pump does not work
tried to shift into 4WD low and the dash indicator lights went out. The service 4WD light came on and the truck is stuck in neutral
truck acts like its out of gas keeps blowing relay fuse for fuel pump fuel filter changed
check engine light came on code was po342. last summer crank position sensor went out. i just found out there was a relearn procedure. please let me how to do it. thanks
what tools are needed to change heater hoses
I tried to turn on my ac but it blows hot air like the heater is stuck on the ac lines under the hood are cold like the ac is working just not getting through
I noticed one day when I got ready to replace my bottom bumper lights, that only the middle light was working on both sides.the middle lights on both sides stay on for running lights and when I turn the blinker on the...
replaced left front wheel bearing and still have a whine and foure wheel drive light comes on
4wd not working.linkage is fine.low range comes in but no 4wd.
how much does it cost to replace head gaskets ?should i reolace water pump at the same time>