Truck will not start, acts like it is out of gas.

I recently changed the Hydro boost due to excessive power steering loss. I bled the Power steering and still no luck

Do they make a metal replacement for the black plastic nut that wont stay on my hub cap?

i replace fluid once every two weeks

I thought is was the transmission sensor, but I was told since my truck periodically doesn't start, it could be the knock sensors.

what is the repair for this? what causes this issue?

This happens durning normal weather never when it rains. All the gages are good to go no brake smell or any thing wrong.

The truck runs great Have stop to see if any smoke or smell but nothing

Looking For location of knock sensor for a 2001 Silverado 2500 hd

The top right corner of the radiator (driver side)looked like where it was leaking from. A small leak mark ground indicated this. I replaced the threaded connector where o rings are located. Now it's leaking from the passenger side and the water mark is much bigger. What can it be?

you can't turn the cargo light and and you can't manually turn on interior ights all bulbs are good


Have to turn off the engine, but leave the key turned to on position, move the gear shift to neutral, and then restart the engine. Why?

I replaced the transmission and need to know how many quarts of transmission fluid it takes to fill up the transmission.

The truck goes through spells where it acts like there is no gas (it does have gas). Error codes say there is low readings on camshaft/crankshaft Position sensors. I have already replaced the crankshaft sensor a few years ago and also replaced the fuel pump 2 years ago. I'm gambling on the camshaft sensor this time but can't find it