The dealer said it did but the passenger air bag wasn't under warranty. So I'm a little confused.

They work from each door panel, no problem. Now, my rear window is stuck open, what in the hell is going on with Chevy!!??!!

the old chain broke I replaced it and gears now it just turns over real fast

I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado and it cuts out 4 cylinders when its not being used. Can I get an aftermarket exhaust? If so will it harm the engine ?

My truck keeps showing stabilty track off randomly took to dealer when it set a check engine light I was told it was battery cabled where bad replaced did it again took it back to dealer and they said a new brake controller replaced they said they had to program the contoller still have the same problem now it says service traction control If I shut off traction control and stabilty track the first time that I brake it says service traction control does the abs stabilty traction control are they all contolled by brake controller

When I turn on the radio, it only shows one fifth of the display information. If I want to see the clock display, which is on the right side of the display, I have to wait a few minutes (not sure how many minutes it takes) for all of the radio info to be displayed.

I still have cold a/c air for sure, but no blower motor.

I have tried moving the steering wheel around while trying to put it in park as well as several other things and have had no luck. Drove it approximately 200 miles last night and then shut the truck off for five minutes. Re-started the vehicle five minutes later and then, out of nowhere, I have this problem. Possibly a problem in the linkage? thanks

This problem occurs every once in a while. It works fine for months, then it will show a flashing light on the button for the AC when I push it on.

It's been running fine an then it starts to sputter an
run bad.

I don't know what the problem would be but I'm still able to switch from 2 hi to 4 hi. The light indicates I have put it into 4x4 and it doesn't fishtail in the snow like 2 hi does, so I know it's working. But strange that traction control did not want to kick in when I fishtailed. I'm very puzzled by this. If it's a 4x4 problem would I not have problems switching and keeping it in 4x4? And what would be the reason traction control doesn't seem to be working.
The help would be most welcomed

Speeds between 35-45

I have a 2010 Chevy Pick up, My alternator is continually putting out 15.5V Tester says battery needs charging, but has 80% charge.
I put battery on charger and it charged competly in about 30 minutes. is the problem in the alternator, Battery, or is the computer telling it to charge?