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I have replaced both knock sensors and the wire harnesses them.end resets but check engine light comes back on after driving about 10 miles.
It's a 2007 LTZ Vortec Max 6.0 and don't think it's my brake booster or master cylinder, because it does not require to mash down on brakes, but my acceleration is lagging a bit. Could it be the throttle sensor, brake...
I bought a new alternator and a battery and its not taking a chargethe vehicle is only holding about 10 to 12 it should be a little over 14
When stopped...as you accelerate it goes to about 3800-4000 rpm before it shifts. Had it looked at, they changed the cylinoid, didn't help. Said the pan was free of debris, fluid not burnt. So they told me its internal.
When it first happened, I could only accelerate up to a/b 20 mph. I had it scanned and it read codes P1125,P2138. I replaced accelerator pedal and throttle position sensor. Cleared the codes and it drove fine for a da...
Control panel lights up and temp. shows up. Blower speeds adj. on control panel but no blowe speeds.
had truck fied check engine light off now need E check n truck failed cause need to get bmiles on it to reset comp.
i need help installing this part for my truck !
my trucks temp will go to about 260 lights will come on engine is running hot and elec. fan doesnt always come on soon enough to cool it down have not flushed radiator since bought in 07 what could be wrong?
Replace all the plastic lugnuts,nothing seems to help
It just takes a few seconds before turning over.