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So my pickup is ticking. But it's not consistent. It's not at start up, unless it's already warm. It usually takes a few minutes to start it. And sometimes it will go away while driving and then come back. It does hav...
also i really think it a theft sefty thing i miss up will i was doing my radio can any1 help me plz
Parked truck in heated garage for 2 hours drove it and was fine.After outside a while it did it again. Don't stick going backward only forward.
Dear Sir, i have Chevrolet spark car 2007 model, from many days the temperature gauge and fuel gauge needle is showing down. There is no movement of needles in running condition also. Please solve the problem
What i am saying is that you are pulling out in first and moving along and it won't shift into 2nd until you back off on the throttle. Then it shifts up into 2nd and 3rd and 4th and lockup as expected. The fluid is cl...
Engine light came on, message said tighten fuel cap, I did that but light stayed on, bought new cap, engine light went off for 1 day & now back on.
dont know what else to call it.then one time it shut completely off for 2 to 3 seconds. 4.3 vtech standard tranny.
The first time when I hit the brakes hard. Then just when I am driving, then my parking brake light goes on and off. I had the engined checked with that machine and they said first thing is the emmissions area needs a...