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i connected a guage to put more freon in and it showed 150 psi "way too high". but when it is cycled on the psi dropped down to 35 psi.
No codes show at all. When it finally starts motor revs up to 1000 rpms and then finally slows down. It just started this.
I got my truck stuck in the snow, over reved the engine then it stalled wont start, it turns over it's getting fuel the two fuses for ignition are good. . So far I have changed the cap and rotor and yes the new rotor ...
now my brake lights are not working even the cab, turn signals work though did i miss something when putting dash together if so what do i need to look for.
We threw it on the scanner and it gave a code about the atc control module bad ground. Traced the controls module everything is with a multimeter. When you push 2 hi it blinks for a couple of seconds and I can hear so...
Replace a Silverado 5.3l knock sensors and reset the codes with Instrument Cluster fuel gauge malfunctioning. After following ALL directions for drive cycles (20 times or so) took truck in for professionals to attempt...
replaced alternator, belt and tenstion bar after a charging problem. after this I notice it
I have never had an issue with my truck and I can tell you that the temp always sits at 210 and that I am good on antifreeze 50/50. My truck is blowing cold air on both sides. The mode selector works fine I am wonderi...
I had cold starting issues sometimes in the mornings, it would take about three tries to start it. I read the first code when i got it and replaced the gas cap. It got worse, now it won't start at all
When I engage the the wiper fluid it poors out the cap and act like it doesn't go up the line. I have blown pressurized air thru the line and they are not plugged.