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Have a 2004 chevy silverado about 18500 miles runs great an then all a sudden as you are goin down high way it starts to spit an spuder as if the fuel pump has gone out ? But after I let it set say hour it cranks up ...
Can turn on heater for about 30 mins to a hour they will start working again can anyone please help. Humidity in air causes them to stop working ?
I run my 04 chevy silverado low on gas. It never stutered it just shut off. The prnd123 doesnt indicate what gear the truck is in. I thoght i was out of gas but when i put the gas in it still nothing. It wamt even try...
I was at mc Donald's and notice my truck was running hot so the next day I added water to my coolent and as of yesterday it started again. I notice when I brought it get a oil change that I had a leak just dropping on...
Now it blow hot air and it start blowing cold air at times.
Changed transfer case now it what shift out or low 2,the plug is different on the accuater and i left the sensors that came in the new i got
I can turn it over several times and it will start and die immediately. At this time everything works but power W/DL are not working. If iI let it sit in the on position, the locks cycle and then I can lock and unlock...
Same as others, but I have noticed the trans has shifting issue when it takes place.I replaced the mlp/netural safty swith, and ignition switch. I have noticed will not crank in netural all the time.
when it feels like it can you please give me information
age-running lean Bank 2. What all is considered and/or what is the location of Bank 2?