stalled out night before, went down and jump it and started up and he drove it home next night did the same thing took battery back and got a new one (only 6 months old)light still flashing the alternator appears to be working ,its putting out some juice, all the fuses appear to be ok

so far i replaced,water pump,and thermostat.

Have to pull relay switch and put back in for truck to start relay switch is abnormally hot

originally, light came for check engine, replaced spark plugs replaced 4 of the igniter coils replaced vechicle speed sensor still bogs down I can get up to 5k rpm when sitting in drive BUT take it out on road doesn't want to shift

All at once...lost fuel gauge, temp gauge, transmission gear indicator, and the message center flashing red battery, low fuel. Also, my diagnostic tool is unable to identify/link to the computer. Service light is NOT illuminated. Had an ASE GM mechanic diagnose and said the cluster was bad, sent it out for a complete rebuild. Just put it in and, change. Any insight would be very much appreciated, thank you.

The driver door is out of adjustment. I have replaced the door pins and it didn't help.

It takes up to 30 mins to start after shutting it off and about every 10th time the clock resets or I get an err message on the radio. Also the push button 4x4 does not work at random times. I am wondering if this is all one electrical issue. Has a new fuel pump and a new battery.

my fuel gauge is jumping up and down when I shift transmission lever on steering column???? it may go pegged to empty,I shift to neutral and it goes pegged to full or anywhere in between????