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I pulled codes and it came up 32 , 37 , and 54 I've already replaced fuel filter and pump to try and fix hard start have had problem for about two months check engine just come on a week ago
I've changed my clutch fly wheel throw out bearing master cylinder slave cylinder and it won't go into gear the rod is pushing the fork in but I don't think all the way any help would be great
got 1993 chevy S10 blazer getting fuel to the vortex system but none to the spark plug what could be my problem and how do i fix it
i shift into 4 low easily, but i have to push the rocker button back and forth several times to lock in high. sometimes it will kick out of 4 wheel high after abs system has activated.
44 Lean exhaust indicated (Left side on dual oxygen models) 33 Mass air flow (MAF) sensor - signal voltage or frequency is high during engine idle Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor - signal voltage is high duri...
im having trouble timing my s10 please help
how do i get to thebolt on the oil lines at the bottom of the engine