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Also a strange noise that seem to come from behind my radio has just started and is intermittent and inconsistent. Sounds like a fan hitting something but happens when nothing is on.
No air leaks found won't get above 60 mph ,bogs down horribly during acceleration, idles as it should, clicking noise occurs during 3000 rpm Any suggestions ????
someone said it was manfold,didn't know water was involed there ,thought that was exhaust?
as rpms climb so does my radiator fan where as before it stayed a consistant flow. im also losing power because of this i would just like to know whats the cause
my truck runs fine in cool weather ,it sometimes idles high for a minute when its ideling
I put it in 4 wheel hi to back out now it will go back into 2 wheel dr.
Got off work Feb 2 after 5 weeks offshore cranked the truck a couple miles down the road servicw wnhinw lite comes on put it on machine and was told nothing was wrong that maybe the sensor was acting up cause of the b...
code reader says #2cyl missfire had wires changed but came back on. does this engine have individual coils?