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When I use the right turn signal with head lights off it is only half as bright as left. When the head lights are on and I use the right turn signal it cause the right tag light to flash, both reverse lights to flash ...
When I crank engine...I noticed if the running lights turn off truck won't start...if they stay on it will fire up and stay running.....but only after I heat the cab up....I'm stumped!!!
When I use my AC or heat, my anti freeze pours out from under right front wheel cover and my engine runs a little hot. I am having to add coolant constantly. When I lift the hood I can't see where it's leaking from. I...
all restore brake control moulde
It has three smog on lights that won't come off
starts and runs everytime and has never stalled out or nothing some of the codes are burning lean on 2 cylinders mass air flow sensor and bout 10 or so more
we can not find a leak anywhere. The carpet is wet under drivers seat. what could this be from?
2wd. Over heated. Found blown head gasket and both heads cracked. Would not start when got it. Replaced both heads and gaskets got all back together and fired it up. No oil pressure. Yes i made sure the pump shaft was...
how much should it cost to replace my fuel pump
i bought my truck last year the egr was unpluged when pluged up it idles up and down and goes dead, so i bought new egr valve, still the same giving code egr closed performance, what could it be? please help!!
I don't want to break this plastic bracket but I can't get it apart to remove the hoses.
The fan is connected to the clutch by four bolts and the water pump pulley is connected to the water pump by four bolts. After removing all of these, I can't seem to figure out how to get the fan off
engine doesn't want to fire when I am down to half a tank of gas. with a full tank, it starts right up, but when gas gets down I have to crank it a while to get it to start