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Is the problem in the switch,it starts working in sequence at first
I have a question, I have 2000 s-10 base model 4.3 W code, I have replaced plugs, wires, cap rotor crank sensor cam sensor and checked fuel pressure and drop. My issue is if engine starts it may or may not run perfec...
it want go in reverse but will go in drive and work.Check fluid it was full what could be wrong
all the lights on dash comes on but truck won't turn over then I found wire wrap in gray tape by exhaust pipe fell off don't if goes to solenoid. Looks it was barely hanging there.
Anybody know where I can find instructions on how to change the FTP Sensor and/or Purge Solenoid? 2000 Chevy S10 4.3L V6 4WD
Engine check light comes on a few seconds after start up.After it warms up I shut it off and restart it the light goes off sometimes but I have regular acceleration.
How do I know which front end parts need to be replaced? The front end is out of alignment and it wobbles side to side at slow speeds. Much better at 45 and over. How do I figure out which parts need to be replaced fi...
Problem solved
While driving my truck it started losing power then eventually died out and did't want to start even trying to jump starting it, what do i do and where do i start to fix first?
I have a chevy s-10 the transmission when you put it in reverse at times it dose not want to go but eventually it does, in your Opinion what could be the problem. Thank you