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Good fuel pressure but still wont start any ideas what it could be
Whenever I take the key out of the ignition the chimer keeps chiming until I close the door.
ABS BRAKE Light and parking brake come on at different times during a day while truck is in motion. Usually goes off after engine is shut off and turned back on , that is for a while.
i lose a gallon a day off anti- freeze mixing with oil
Died on freeway like out of gas(had 3/4) no fuel pressure. Changed relay and pump, seemed logical-- no current to fuel pump, checked codes NO CODES no power to either side of the relay when turned on on or starting mo...
I have a PO171 and PO174 HO2's are working correctly, Sometimes it fires right up some times cranks forever. this is always on cold start first start of the day. Can a crank sensor also cause this? It seems strange a ...
I have a 2.2l and replaced about every thing you can think of , but if you relieve the pressure off from the scheader valve in the fuel line rite after the truck is turned off it will start up fine , a few bubbles wil...