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Compression Check, #1 Cylinder 150 PSI. #2, #3 and #4 only have 100 PSI, #1 cylinder started blowing oil out when checking other cylinders. Installed a manual oil pressure gauge oil pressure at idle, 6 PSI, 28 PSI at ...
starts runs rough has some power after awhile uses excess gas
when i put the turn signal on volt reader drop , also when putting it in reverse
When the S10 stops, No warning code or lights. I turn the key after a complete stop and it starts back up. This has been happening daily during my 30 mile commute.
I looked up the causses for the security light on my truck it crankes and runs fine and I have been using th same key for as long as I owned the truck. any sogestion and I am not shur y my abc light is flashing? what ...
There is a tube that runs from my engine to my truck that is covered in a black casing (white in reference pictures) that is located north of my IAC valve. I can not figure out what it is and what it does. Thank you f...
under acceleration it runs perfect ,just at cruising at 35-40 mph truck surges slightly and tach jumps,could this be the spark plug wires ?
I have 1998 S10 brother inlaw has 2001, both due samething,motor 2.2cu. 5 speed manual bucks and chuging,when damp weather,both of us have,new wires,plugs, coil pack. and still does same thing. must be alot of these ...
with engine running, during the day, with light sensor disconnected, light switch in off position. the high and low beams, tail lights, stay on most of the time. Sometimes they don't come on unless one turns them on.
were is the oil filter on 1998 chevy s10 4.3
Front right tire, roaring noise when driving down the road.
runs good cold. but warms up and runs lousy like it is not getting fuel,change spark plugs, check air filter,all OK the next thing I am going to check is the mass air flow sensor and temperature sensor
temp gauge, fuel gauge, speedometer and gear select indicator do not work when vehicle is running. with key in run position everything works until start
It can happen at random times. I can replace the fuse and the A/C can run fine for awhile, or the fuse can blow as soon as I turn my truck on.