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leaking fuel around the fuel injector really cant see anything do i have to take the whole intake off to find out where its leaking
It has over 200,000 miles
the throotle body ,changed the ics motor,and the upper gasket,there are no vacuum leaks if block off the ics port in the top of t body,the idle goes to 600?? thanks rich
occurs all the when you turn wipers off
It idles fine but when I start going it chugs hard in second and third gear. If I let off gas and then push back down it helps, then at highway speed you can feel a very slight chug or miss, what can this be?
When I start my S-10 it starts like it is suppose to but when trying to move on it has power and then it doesn't. It will not stall but continues to run. Just driving it it comes and goes on power. I have bought a sca...
Trying to determine if this is an intake manifold issue or head gasket issue. The oil in the oil pan is fine with no coolant contamination but the the radiator has coolant in it.
runs rough @ idle, LACKS POWER,STARTS NORMAL . fault code PO300-01/02 & 02/02 . PO300=MISFIRE WHAT DOES 01/02 & 02/02 MEAN?