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OK, my truck seems to be on it's last legs. First, no AC in the Dallas area! I've dealt with that for years, but now have new issue. Had a intermittant heating issue that was initially diagnosed as a faulty thermostat...
I had been having problems with my key not turning, so I heard from someone that it may have been the ignition switch. So, my brother and I (without really knowing what we were doing) took out the old ignition switch,...
can the idle be adjusted. fuel injected
does this truck have a chock on it. Idles low in the morning.
is there different fuel pressure settings for an s-10 4.3 and an astro van 4.3?
I have an s-10 that runs for about 5-10 seconds and then shuts off. I have checked the fuel pressure and it is at about 50 pounds so I know its not fuel. could it be the ignition module or something electrical?
its 4.3 vortec with spyder injection, it will idle fine,but when I go to give it gas,it wont take it,it trys to quit.Its got a new fuel pump,new map senser,new mass air flow senser,new tps senser,new distributor,wires...
does the fuel pressure regulator that is located under upper intake assembly get its vacuum from the mainifold pressure or vacuum?
My grandson needs a summary of replacing clutch slave cylinder on his 1997 Chevy S 10 pickup. He already has the part.
fuel pump started to act up and now won't start. had it towed home thinking it was the fuel pump again but i have no power to instrument panel or comunication with code reader. fuses and relays are ok. what is the ECM...
After I have been driving for about 20 minutes my headlights will cutoff. I am not touching the brakes or anything else. If I cut them off for about 30 seconds they will come back on as normal and do not go off again ...
I have 1997 S-10, 2.2L 4cyl. with a slight miss. When it is as an idle state there is no oil pressure. But, when you step on the gas the oil pressure is there. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this?
I change the back up light switch and before I installed the new switch I accidently turn the engine on so it lost some of the transmission fluid, I would like to know what type to put in it, it is a manual transmission
How is the service soon light in the dash turned off FOR 1997 S-10, 4 CYLINDER? Light barely glows, it is not bright. There is no sign of engine problem. What can be done without taking it to the dealer garage?