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was driving and the cable from the battery was resting against the belt pully. it sparked and the engine immediately shut down. other electrical seem to work (lights are bright, horn works etc). it is getting a spark...
the engine immediately shut off but lights were still on & bright, horn works, radio etc. But now the truck won't start. The gage shows in the - now, first tried a jump, then replaced ignition coils and some relays th...
when you turn on the a c the clutch doesnt engage
trying replace alternator. removed the 2 bolts. unable to get alternator loose. how do I get it out?
Fuel line leaking where it goes into the motor but can not get the line off.
Where is the fuel pump relay switch located
Clutch pettle completly loose just like when mamual linkage goes out by losings a pin or bolt
heater control on dash will not adjust to cold always blows hot flapper door for defrost and floor works, have replaced vacum lines at the vac ball under the hood on drivers side can anyone help thanks
how do you disconnect slave cylinder from tranny ?
loses power going up a hill put only in overdrive
The air only blows out the vents on dash, not defrost, or floor no matter where selecter is turned to. Does this selelector change the airflow position based on a vacuum or electrical motor or some thing else?
My shifting fork for 5th gear and reverse has gone out. I can not longer engage into those two gears. I know the parts are not too expensive but I understand the labor is tremendous. How much should I expect to pay...
while I am driving sometimes my battery light will flash on momentarily. My alternator was tested off of car at auto parts store and test showed it was charging about 15.5 volts. My dashboard gauge shows it is chargin...
in morning as temp.gauge goes up it gets to 200degree then thermostat opens and temp.goes down and moves upto 180then down to 150 as you drive
temperture changes up and doum