I had two lines bust on frame behind a-plate when stoping quickly while towing a trailer pedal went to the floor I changed the line and blead brakes now I got a hard pedal and no brakes can u tell me y

The head gasket was just changed and the head was checked. It was fine also the block deck was fine

Do I have to remove cylinder head to replace the noisy lifter

I suspect ignition switch. wires to battery and starter and alternator seem fine. Disconnected battery and when re-hooked it sparked like a short somewhere but no smoke or melted wires.

I am losing about a quart of antifreeze every two weeks
Oil is clean no traces of antifreeze
Where is this going?
How do I tell if it's the gasket?
Water pump?

I changed the pvc valve but it's still smoking. The oil is good.

I replaced fuel tank n battery