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Since then when pushing brakes passenger rear locks up. What can that be?
was driving down freeway, lost power coasted off to safety and engine shut off. Turned it back on but couldnt put it in any gear
I have a Chevy S-10 4.3 V6, and I have looked everywhere and cannot find a code list for the OBD system. This year specifically, has a unique system. It took me many hours and trial and error to even get the codes to ...
How to clean & check the Power Booster filter?
When I change the dial from High AC to Low AC to vent to heater to defrost I hear doors moving and air coming out what where it's supposed too. Still got getting and heat even though both inlet and outlet hoses are h...
i change the clutch. some body before me change it and took an engine push rod cut it down and put it in the slave cylinder made it 2 inches longer i put new slave in bled it it wont shift at all put the old rod back ...
why doesnt my 4 wheel drive work in my s10 pickup.....lights come on but will not engage
Why will My 1995 Chevy S10 not shift past second gear?