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My 95 chevy s 10 4.3 Z Started running really bad sometimes to the point it will shut off. The transmission stops shifting like it should when this is going on. I was told that the temp control sensor was bad. I repla...
Engine runs fine when Idling,when you accelerate with warm engine is when the missing starts. Runs fine when engine is cold. replaced fuel pump, filter.
When it warms up it drives perfect. Service engine light is on
Auto Zone only lists one a/c relays. I replaced it and now I the rotary switch for fan won't work! Originally the a/c wouldn't stay on and I replaced hi-lo switch, a/c relay (1) and resistor. I added more freon and af...
someone said brake boot and or brake booster?
Could it be the shift cable to short or shift bracket is the wrong one for the transmission.
I'm doing a engine swap on 95 chevy s10 truck from a 2.2 to a 5.0 I'm useing a 5 speed from a 95 4.3 I need to know where the slave cylinder is I was told its was on the right side and it went in from the front is tha...
I'm doing a engine swap I was told it was a the right side went in from the front of the bellhouseing is that true
You then have to give it lots of gas to kick into gear. What could this problem be?
Tvättade bilen sen slutade pumpen att fungera men har bytt den och filter
does the 2.2 4 cylinder engine have a distributor cap or coil packs and how many coil packs does it have.