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I disconnected fuel pump at harness at the pump but the ecm b fuse still blows out
engine idles fair in neutral but in gear (auto trans.)the engine mis fires badly and stalls. Mostly happens when weather is wet and hasn't been driven for a few days. Could it be condensation inside the distributer ...
I just installed a new/rebuilt power steering pump and when I started the truck without turning the steering wheel I have a continues whinning / squealing problems, why is that??
When I turn on my ac or heat only the highest setting works
When the truck is first started the air condition blows really cold air but when driving down the road the air condition gradually blows warm air or at least luke warm air. However, when you come to a stop sign or lig...
The 2 happenned just bang- bang, like one caused the other. I am stymyed.
It shifts, but winds out much too long. No codes detected that I know of. I suspect the shift solenoid. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
Service engine soon light came on for first time
will go into gear but wont move and now it squeals when the clutch pedal is pushed in. help....
I changed the cap and wires .. no improvement..changed the pick up coil and the module..I have no spark at terminal 1 & 2 changed the coil ,,still no spark on 1 & 2 what's the Problem ??
The vehicle will not start back immediately,and I have change the fuel regulator, injectors. The injectors are not spraying and it seems not to be getting fuel.HELP PLEASE!!!
Doing a clutch pressure plate throw out bearing clutch fork and fork ball replacement when trying to remove trans input bearing at rear of crank shaft not enough bearing left to remove with anything I have on hand is ...