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1991 chevorlette s10 new fuel pump and relay but no power to fuel pump
1 sensor on top front of engine near thermostat. The other on left lower side of engine near manifold.
2WD,5 speed,trans input shaft bearing R&R,do I have to shim it for pre load?
Starts and idles ok. When I hit the gas, it has always had a little bit of a hesitation, but now the engine sometimes stalls when gas is applied. Will not start for about a half hour, then will start up again. Problem...
the lap belt no longer retracts and locks
2 wheel drive, I have rivets on left side cut off with floor jack under control arm. nut on upper ball joint is loose, need to make sure if brake caliper and rotor need to be removed.
I replaced the coil. it stars unmounted but not mounted to. The block
thermostat has been changed,hoses are all hot to touch,hoses out of heater core are both hot,cable style control inside of dash seems to be working( i hear flaps moving around)..what could it still be? its not like a ...
Heater coil has been replaced as well as heater hoses and radiator fan runs but blows cold air
not sure if the above is the solution. My check gauges light comes out at low idling and oil pressure stays in red zone but goes up at i accelarate. oil level is normal.
it has been doing it more often it idles really rough step on gas a little then it will idele better runs really good just does it after it sits awhile or over night
I was told by a friend that this requires dropping the entire steering column.
I would like to check it myself at home with out taking it to shop.
173,000 miles on it, fuel filter an tuned up at 140,000, stumbles bad when u try to accelerate, no gas smell, just started all of a sudden, put regane fuel system cleaner in it an didnt help, feels like its in fuel sy...