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My 91 chev S10 speedometer is fluctuating The speed goes all over the place starts out okay but then goes up and down. Feel it might be my speed sensor. If so how do I change it. ?
I have a very strange ground issue inthe cab of my truck, i have a the 2.8 l engine. anyway, the horn, the radio and the interior lights are all affected, you push the horn button and the dome light strobe, and when y...
i have a major oil leak coming from somewhere on the left side of the engine(facing the engine from the front). i replaced the valve cover gasket, which seemed to be where it was coming from... but still a big leak, c...
air cond clutch kicks on and off only runs about 5 seconds kicks off runs 5seonds kicks off
Where are the freeze plugs located on a 4.3l v6 in a 4x4 chevy s10?
How much would it cost to replace the broken emergency brake release cable?
It keeps giving the same 3 codes. map,vss,tps and i replaced all 3. still doesn't what to run.
I have an AT and after driving for 20 minutes or so the check gauges light comes on and my oil pressure gauge reads almost zero. When I start it in the morning it idles at 40 and I drive 30mi to work. About 20 minutes...
does it every time you start it up you can smell it at the tail pipe ,but clears up and starts to run smoother when you push the gas pedal a few times.
My truck has been a great truck but a minor problem has occured.It began running really rough in the lower gears(manual tran). Now it is getting worse.I have changed the fuel filter and the injector.Now if It won't st...
When driving the vehicle the transmission jerks very aggressively into second gear. It also shifts into each gear very abruptly (from Reverse, Drive, etc). Once it gets past first gear it shifts smoothly. What ar...
manual trans wont engage .. even with motor off trying to shift still nada
i replaced the coolant temperature sensor in an attempt to get my temperature gauge to work but it still doesn't move, what else may be the problem?
what is the idle speed set at after replacing throttle body
91 s-10 4wd heater core flushed still blows cold, is there a control valve somewhere?