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It stalls after about fifteen seconds after pouring gas in the carb.
My 1986 S 10 has excessive outer tire wear. Do you think it sould be wheel bearing or something else like ball joints.
Sitting at a light today it all just stopped. All fuses are good however
engine starts fine idles fine for about 2-3 min then idles erratic and sputters out tail pipe have replaced almost every part on engine. running out of parts to change. manifold will glow red with or with out converte...
my 94 chevy s10 idles too high when in neutral or when the clutch is depressed.
How do I replace the cigarette lighter switch on a 1984 S-10.
need pipe cat and muffler
back muffler is gonethe cat has holes in it and so does the pipping from engine to end
i hace a chevy s 10..1989. i replaced the running lights dont work.. the switch is new.. where do i check next.b.c i cant get it inspected until i get this fix. thanks
Just bought 1988 s10 runs good but ever since I went fast on dirt rd makes front end rattling noise sounds like a car with broken rocker arm?doesn't always make noise on freeway don't make but on bunny road gets bad.i...
i have an 88 s10 and to put it in4 wheel low or 4 wheel high i have to shut truck off and to take out of 4 wheel also, fluid level is fine,
What is the cost of replacing upper and lower control arm bushings on a 1988, Chevrolet S10 pickup, 4.3 engine, 4 X 4?