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How much would it cost to replace and fix from the exhaust manifold To the muffler.
the car will start and turn off over nd over. then i will leave it for 10 -20 min come back and it runs like a top.for a while i had a terrible smell like either comming from underneith the car near rear of drivers fr...
The Hayes manual shows one for the 1.8, but its not on the 1.6. I have good spark and fuel , just wont run, stopped on the road like it was turned off. So far it seems the fuel injectors are not letting fuel into th...
according to code is states shifting solenoid failure but shift normally light went out on its own and then on again topzeel@yahoo.com
We need the cigerett lighter to run our GPS and it is burned out. We took it to Martin chevrolet and Redmonds Repair and they do not know how to fix it.