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At idle,stops under load
Cold air blowing out on drivers side - heat blowing out on passenger side - what do I do to correct. this is the 2nd time - first time they blew something out but this time it didn't help I have a diagnostic code of...
Go to start moving when 1st starts and car likes jerks. Take foot off pedal and car rolls find.. Push TRACTION CONTROL BUTTON and then car runs perfect.. This happen every few days.. Can I just take out the fuse...Or ...
two weeks earlier i replaced the intake manifold, i already knew the engine had damage from overheating should I replace engine
Is this a leak that can cause about 1 gallon of coolant to disappear over a 20 mile run? There is no sign of leakage anywhere except there. The shroud is wet under there also. water pump, exhaust pipes, radiator hoses...
19mm wrench or line removal tool to remove tranny line?
car cut off on freeway got a tow it wont state engine wont rotate wont take jump p1189 is the code and will that code stop it from starting
twice i had my car repair oil pan leak from oil pan sealant
i would like to replace the ignition coil myself. after diagnostic said i needed an ignition coil.
any help on replacing this switch would be greatly appreciated
Where is the HVAC located.
water pump was replaced need to know how much coolant to add after and do i top off with water
the oil pressure is fine when idling. but when you hit the gas the pressure goes up. what causes this? i just changed oil & filter